NIIT Kathmandu For Learning Programming? Don’t Join there

NIIT kathmandu is one of the worst institutes that i had ever been to.

i will tell you the full story.

my reasons for joining NIIT-:

  1. lack of understanding from online courses.
  2. tried to learn many things from youtube but could not and hence decided to join NIIT.

they charge 18000 for a PHP & Laravel Web development course.

i should have been smart enough to not join them when they couldn’t even show me the detailed syllabus of their course.

the accountant in NIIT said that they would be teaching “this”, but the teacher never taught those topics.

the teacher is so shit.

you charge 20K for studying with a teacher who has not even a experience of 1 day.

but they pretend to teach good for the first week until you pay them money. u know that is what happens in institutes. i will blame myself for being too desperate to join the insitute as i really wanted to learn something.

the teacher didn’t even created a single project while learning html, css, javascript, and php.

when you would ask questions to him, he respond irritatingly. teacher tells that “he is teaching here only for money and doesn’t likes to teach us”. who tf tells this thing to students who have paid to you.

but again, here is my mistake, i was desperate to learn and i again paid full amount to niit. i was in a preconceived belief that learning online is hard.

but now my that belief is turned down. the fact is that, you can learn more from online and in cheap price. why?

because in online, customers are the king. you can literally choose from 1000s of courses to buy 1 course. so, every course instructor will be focused in giving value to students rather than doing it for money.

most good online courses can be got for <10$. i know there is international payment problem, but you can either pirate it of manage somehow.

my recommendations-: don’t join NIIT Kathmandu. many people will say “you were desperate, so it turned bad for you”. no. the students in NIIT have been studying web development since 1 year with 3 different teachers and are still unable to make a project. do u want to waste your time? do u want to waste your money? if yes, go to NIIT kathmandu.

and again, it is not like the teacher that taught me was bad and others were good. no student in NIIT can make projects. they don’t have portofolio of studnets making anything.

the teachers there “pull your leg”. there was 1 teacher who was teaching java since many years. instead of encouraging students to make projects, do u know what he said when i made a project “sarera lya hola, sarera lya hola, code”….and when i had problems with projects and ask the teacher, he could not answer it, and neither could help me.

just imagine, you pay 20000 to an institute and they don’t even fucking teach you to make 1 project. i left that institute, when the teacher was planning to do a final project. but is that what you expect after paying 15K? 1 project that too at last? even if i had stayed in the class, i am sure i could have got no benefits.

my assumption was that NIIT kathmandu is a branch of indian NIIT, so i guessed that they should select good teachers who are worth it. but i was completely wrong. for 15000, now i see, i could have bought many many great online courses.

i am actually highly frustrated with NIIT kathmandu. i know that they have a provision where you can re join to learn, but there is no point in doing it, unless some magic happens. the students there are studying since 1 year for learning to make 1 website? can u imagine how ironic is this? i am not talking about making advanced websites, just a basic website as a beginner.

don’t join NIIT kathmandu, don’t waste money on that shit institute. most youtube videos are better than NIIT kathmandu teachers. 15000 is a huge amount of money, know that. and spend that wisely.

even i won’t tell this to my friends in real life. as, everyone hates to say “he got beaten”. haha…i won’t lie to them either.

again, if you are planning to join NIIT Kathmandu, please don’t join there. it is completely waste of time, money and your energy. i also know that pirated udemy courses are not that great. but NIIT kathmandu is not going to be even 1 inch better than those udemy pirated courses, it is always going to be 100x worst than those courses. the teachers there are only to suck your money, not to teach you anything.

tell me 1 web development course that costs 15000 and teaches you to make only 1 project. if it was just for learning to make 1 project, then the cost should be below 1000. it should be a bootcamp not a 45 days courses and fees should be 1000 not 15000.

Conclusion-: NIIT kathmandu is not worth it, Don’t join there. instead either purchase online courses as they are better and cheap, or pirate those udemy courses.

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