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Paypal in Nepal

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“Paypal in Nepal” is a topic that definitely comes every time, when someone talks about “how to make money online in Nepal”.

It has been an obvious excuse among lazy people to not learn any skills and wait for the day paypal CEO says “we are working in Nepal” so that, they could become billionaires next day. LOL.

But, there are some people who want to start some online business, hustles or do freelancing jobs using their skills. This article is written for those people.

“The paypal confusion” in Nepal has been mainly established by local bloggers and youtubers who have never used any sorts of international payments in their life.

I really feel sad that there is so much misinformation about international payment in Nepal.

Reasons that Nepalese people bring, “why paypal doesn’t work in Nepal?”

1) Government conspiracy:

Conspiracy theorists blame government for conspiring against online workers, freelancers, and side hustler.

They reason telling that USA wants Nepalese to leave Nepal, so doesn’t allow paypal and Nepal government is bribed by USA as well.

This is not true due to two reasons.

1 is that I have used paypal, that I had made from Nepal.

And the 2nd reason is that why would USA do this only to Nepal? Why would not it do the same to other countries? Are we anything special?

PLUS, paypal is not a government owned company, it is owned by some entrepreneurs in USA. So, US government can’t control it to that level what conspiracy theorists believe.

2) Rastra Bank doesn’t want our money to go abroad-:

These people!


These people must be the one, who will leave their job, because if they earn money, they will spend it.

So, let us do a 2 minute silence for the people who think this; if not literally; at least figuratively.

We live in a country where 99% of goods are imported. And does blocking paypal to save the economy makes sense?

“Blocking a globally accepted system to save our economy”. What the fuck are these people thinking?

PLUS, we know how corrupted are our government officers. If someone gives them 2 lakhs bribe, they can say“night is day” and “day is night”.

So, let’s not be foolish to believe that they will do good for our country’s economy.

3) NRB New Law Confusion-:

NRB launched a new law recently.

That law, in short; was saying “before you do any international payments, do by telling NRB;else it will be illegal.”.

Just after the rule came, I have done around 10 international payments without giving a fuck to NRB.

Does NRB even has data miners and data analysts to track international payments happening in Nepal? Do those NRB fucker officials even know about paypal and payoneer? LOL, incompetence at its best(in all our government bodies).

So, LOL again. NRB is a total joke. Don’t take those people seriously. They are busy in some “bhrastachar kanda deal”.

4) Paypal doesn’t run because it is not profitable-:

This reason  is also not true because Nepal is a country where living costs are very low. So, foreign companies and startups can get  skilled manpower for cheap here.

So, Nepal is a hub for “outsource companies” to get their jobs done through freelancers.

When freelancers use paypal to receive money, paypal makes money. So, paypal would be profitable enough to sustain in Nepal.

5) Paypal=hundi; money laundering system; thus blocked in Nepal

Yes, this point is valid because you can launder money with paypal or any international payment methods.

But, isn’t it true that you can kill people using science and using the same science you can save people’s lives?

PLUS, in our country where leaders are so much corrupted, let’s not think that these assholes blocked paypal to save our country from money laundering.

Even, if it has bad effects(like everything in the world), we need to regulate it, not abandon it.

And, the world’s most security conscious countries like USA and most European countries are using it, so it doesn’t make any sense to block paypal for money laundering and security reasons.

Hence none of the reasons are valid.

Is it possible to have paypal in Nepal?

Yes, it is 100% possible to have a working paypal in Nepal.

Yes it is possible to create paypal without VPNs or fake name generators in Nepal.

The paypal that you will make will be 100% real paypal.

But, it is very tricky to get a paypal in Nepal. I will explain it below.

Why should you believe me?

I have bought steam games using paypal.

I have bought a lot of things using international payment gateways.

Why do you need paypal or international payment gateway?

1) To get google play console account.

2) To buy in game purchases in game like PUBG etc.

3) To do your facebook page boost without using any 3rd party websites.

4) To buy from ebay, amazon, aliexpress and lots of other international ecommerce websites.

5) To buy bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

6) To freelance in websites like upwork,fiverr and freelancer.

How to get paypal?

We will get paypal in 2 steps-:

1) Create payoneer

2) Create paypal

Don’t skip this article thinking that this is the same article like other people have made. 

1) Create payoneer-:

Open signup link.

Don’t go through other links, else you might not get your mastercard unless you get 30$ in your Payoneer account.

It will ask you to fill a form. Fill it. You are not a sheep who needs guidance to fill a form.

BUT, these are the things that you need to be careful else your Payoneer won’t get approved.

1) Image of your citizenship ID should be very clear.

2) You can click photo of your citizenship ID with your smartphone camera. But, make sure that the photo is very clear. Else, your account will never get approved. It can be very frustrating.

3) If you scan it in stationary, make sure that the scanned photo is very clear. Many scanners in Nepali stationary are trash.

4) The address you put in form must be word to word, line to line, same as in your citizenship ID’s address.

5) If you use address which is not in your citizenship ID; or a different name of your place; or a neighbouring place of the place that is in your citizenship ID, your Payoneer account will never get approved.

6) Payoneer knows nothing about Nepal. All it knows is to look at your citizenship ID and check that with the address you gave to them in your form.

After 1 week, your account will be approved.

But, still you can’t apply for mastercard, i.e you still need to do remaining verifications.

For that, Payoneer will ask you to verify your address.

To verify your address, you can do one of the following things-:

1) Upload back side of your citizenship ID(I had done this and got approved).

2) Make netbanking for your bank account and upload the bank statement.

3) Upload your driving license.

4) Upload any bills(electricity bill, telephone bill) that have your address written in it.

5) After 1 week, your account will be verified so that you can now order a payoneer mastercard.

Common issues people face-:

1) 30$ needed to order payoneer mastercard. How to fix this issue?

a) Try to sign up using the link I provided above, it might help you.

b) If you have youtube channel, blog and you are using google adsense, connect it to your payoneer account. And once, you make 30$, you can order payoneer mastercard.

c) Try freelancing to earn 30$.

d) If you have blog, you can try to get sponsorships with companies.

e) If you have amazon affiliate blog, connect your amazon affiliates account with payoneer, so that you can cross 30$ threshold.

2) Postal address-:

If you live in Kathmandu, give the postal address of Sundhara Hulak(that has now shifted to Dillibazar).

Give address in this way-:

Charkhal road, near Dillibazar jail, General Post Office, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Bagmati,Nepal

The point is to explain Payoneer where it needs to send your mastercard. Payoneer doesn’t know anything about Kathmandu and Dillibazar.

So, try to explain the address in a very much detailed way. 

Now, you have your payoneer mastercard in your hand.

Payoneer alone is enough to do 99.99% of international transactions.

Steam was the only place to not accept payoneer. So, I used my paypal account that was linked with payoneer mastercard. 

2) How to create paypal?

Sign up paypal.

There, you would see an option of “link a card”.

Enter, payoneer mastercard details there.

Now, you can also use paypal.

Alternative to paypal and payoneer-:

There is something called USD card that even Nepali banks give. I don’t know the details about because I haven’t used it.

So, try to go to banks and learn more about this if you don’t want to create payoneer/paypal or want an alternative.

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