How to start a blog in college?

Alright, so you are here thinking about what it takes to start blogging to start and make something of your own. You are here to learn how to do blogging and earn money from it. So, I am going to make that journey easy for you.

All things are ready, if our mind be so.

-William Shakespeare


Preparing yourself mentally to a journey is the first step.

If you really want to earn and pay your dues or have some extra pie using your skill, you have to know and give what it takes.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance and I will tell you just right now what it really takes it because I have been doing this and earning enough to pay for my expenses by myself.

Here is the step by step explanation about how you can start blogging from scratch and make some pennies for you:


Make yourself ready

Its not that you will work today and tomorrow you will start earning.

It takes time to build an audience that really don’t mind giving you time.

Because they believe that you are adding value to their life by giving the knowledge that they are seeking in an easy form.

So be ready to give something and make an audience ready to pay for you. Understand that it takes time to create something valuable.

Why so you want to blog? Knowing it is important because it will help you

  • To select blogging platform (free or self hosted)
  • To select your niche (popular or your expertise)
  • To put in the content for your audience (what they actually need or what seems fancy or just to drive Attention)

It’s a long term tool that nobody talks about. It sorts out a lot of things. It will determine how you should do things.

For example; you want to earn money OR you want to build a brand OR you want to make it your career. It can be anything but be specific be clear so you don’t get lost or stuck in the midway.

Six reasons to Start Your Blog in college-:

  1. Blog are the diaries of our generation. It gives you an outlet for the stress of school, work and everything.
  1. Blogging gives you the chance to show the world who you really are.
  1. Your blog can help gives you the chance to create an impact.
  1. It can help you build your resume.
  1. You can meet cool people through your blog. You never know who reads your blog and what opportunity knock your door.
  1. It can help you make money on your own.

Choose a niche

Many people just jump in vain and regret later ending up with nothing.

So you better understand this niche concept properly rather than losing or not gaining an audience.

What is a niche? How to select it? Go for a popular one or with interest?

Niche is category in which you are thinking to share your knowledge to the audience in your blog.

For example you are going to write about mobile and accessories, it means your niche is tech.

If you sell cakes, your niche is bakery.

Easy right!

If you still think either to go with whats popular out there or what you have knowledge about.

Then going with what you know or what you are really good at or what you are really interested in is the best choice.

Trust me! Its not a 100 meter race. It’s a marathon!!!

So you better choose the things that are easy for you to go in the long run.

Don’t try to impress all. Understand that not everyone is buying your product.

Only the ones whose needs match with what you are selling will give time for you and its what you need too.

Niche marketing is a simple way to target a particular audience or a market in a particular way to sell what you have. Here we try to find the customer need and present them the best possible solution which is not provided by any other source. You need to be legit in order to gain a regular audience. Its about targeting a specific audience with specific need but not a new or small audience. Don’t confuse in that!

Advantages of niche market

The advantage of niche market is that you can create the following things-:

  • create a monopoly
  • become a market leader
  • outsmart the competitor by making it your game rather than you being in their game.

What makes a blog

  • Domain Name / Blog name:

Pick any name you want! You cannot choose a name that someone else has already used.

It is just like (youwant).com or .org. you have choices to make but most bloggers recommend going with .com domain name. Choose it in a way so you don’t regret later. You can put your name. it can be about the content main theme or anything. Just make sure it doesn’t suck.

  • Hosting Provider:

Think of your blog as a collection of pages and pictures. Those pages and pictures need to be saved somewhere in the internet so that anyone can access them. Hosting companies offer to “host” your pages and pictures on their computers (servers) so that people across the globe can access them. That is why you need a hosting provider to start a blog. There are different host provider but many bloggers and I also recommend bluehost because they are cheap  and make it really easy to setup your site.

There are two types of hosting provider:

Paid and free

If you really want to earn and create something of your own . its better to go with paid like (its best site) but not

As I have said it’s a long run so its better to go with better and lasting one.

Free hosting provider comes with hectic process and limitations so better not use them and go with the best one unless you just want to learn about blogging only and don’t plan to keep this site online for more years.

  • Blogging platform:

It lets you create the basic structure of the blog. You can think it as a basic frame of the car. It’s the engine, wheels and all that every car has.

You need a blogging platform to lay the basic foundation for your blog and then you can customize on top of that foundation. Most bloggers go with the because it is the best as a easy, cheap and effective platform. What else do you need than this?!!!

  • Theme

So here is where fun comes in. if WordPress is the basic frame of the car, then the theme is fun customization. You can have Ferrari of themes or you can have Toyota camry of themes. Themes determine what your blog actually looks like to a reader.

If you want to make it easy and better, you should go with paid themes because they are easier to setup and saves a lot of time building your blog. It is better to buy themes, once you have started to generate enough income in 1 month to buy a theme, because content is the main thing for your blog. After, content, design is equally important. But, it is about what can be replaced and what can’t be replaced. Good content can replace bad design(overshadow bad design); but good design can’t replace bad content(overshadow bad content).

If you have extra 50$, just get a theme at the beginning. Else, wait till you make money with your blog.

You can use free theme but it may not looking as good as the theme you pay for. But, they are OK in the beginning.

I will tell you how to make them. Its easy. It just takes few time to make it to the long run, it need skill to

  • Build engagement of audience—>Secure your blog name on all of your favourite social media accounts. It’s a great way to increase you visitors and traffic in your blog. It also helps in Search Engine Optimization(basically SEO helps google to find your blog).

Extra-: Free PLUGINS for your blog-:

If you are using WordPress for your blogging platform, click on plugins in the left side of your dashboard and search and install and activate the following.

These plugins are all free:

  1. Askismet -this protects your blog from spam. You will need this plugin to filter out the robots.
  1. Commentluv – this allows other bloggers to link to their most recent post when they comme4nt on your blog.
  1. Shareaholic – highly recommend shareaholic so that you can add social share buttons to your posts. If someone love your post they can easily share it to facebook or twitter.
  1. W3 Total Cache – this plugin makes your site faster. No one like a slow site.
  1. Yoast SEO : Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO? It makes easier for google to crawl your site and will ultimately help you bring more traffic to your site.

The next step is to write some posts and start making money.


Extra-:Tips to grow your blog:

  • Write an interesting and authentic profile description.
  • Find and follow other college bloggers too.
  • Ask and join groups. It can help you get noticed and promote your content too.
  • Right Tools: sometimes you have to put a little bit of money to get something better if you start thinking your blog as a business.
  • Promote Products you love.
  • Take online courses to learn and be better to deliver better.

Best Of Luck

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